Thursday, November 24, 2011


Our Lord Jesus is ever-giving,
and does not for a solitary instant withdraw His hand.

As long as there is a vessel of grace not yet full to the brim,
the oil shall not be stayed.

He is a sun ever-shining;
He is manna always falling round the camp;
He is a rock in the desert,
ever sending out streams of life from His smitten side;
the rain of His grace is always dropping;
the river of His bounty is always flowing,
and the well-spring of His love is constantly overflowing.

As the King can never die,
so His grace can never fail.

Daily we pluck His fruit,
and daily His branches bend down to our hand with a fresh store of mercy.

There are 7 feast-days in His weeks,
and as many as are the days,
so many are the banquets in His years.

Who has ever risen from His table unsatisfied...

His mercies are new every morning and fresh every evening.

Charles Spurgeon

I am thankful for mercies that are new every morning and for grace that never fails.

I am thankful for my husband who loves and gives of himself so unselfishly.

I am thankful for our little boys and the joy, energy, and enthusiasm they bring into each day.

I am thankful for our family and friends who walk alongside of us, supporting us and praying for us.

I am thankful for the many ways our lives and our children's lives are enriched because of theirs.

I am thankful for how the Lord is opening our eyes to the plight of the precious little ones like S.

I am thankful for S and for how the Lord is already using her life to bring glory to His name.

I am thankful for how the Lord is providing the ransom we need to make her part of our family.

I am thankful for how the Lord IS making a way for us to bring her home, even though I can't see all the details yet and daily wrestle with my own doubts, unbelief, and impatience.

Tonight as I count my many, many blessings,
 I find that words are so inadequate to express my thankful heart...

What mighty praise, O God, belongs to You...
You are the hope of everyone on earth...
You crown the year with a bountiful harvest;
even the hard pathways overflow with abundance!

Psalm 65:1, 5, & 11

Happy Thanksgiving!


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