Thursday, December 8, 2011

Life is short. Eternity is long. Live like it.

For a moment, I hesitated to use these words by John Piper in connection with the post I am about to write. I wondered if it might rub somebody the wrong way. But, then again, maybe that is the whole point...

Life is short. Eternity is long. Live like it.

This little girl's name is Kolina. I told you about her yesterday, and I am going to keep telling you about her and advocating for her until she finds her family! It is a miracle that she is still alive, surviving almost nine years in conditions that children should never have to endure. It is a miracle that after so many years of falling through the cracks, she has finally been made available for international adoption.  And, right now, what she needs is another miracle. She needs a family to step forward, to step out of their fear, or maybe out of their complacency, or their comfort, or even their idea of what they are "called to do." She needs a miracle! Her birthday is next week, and she will "celebrate" turning nine on December 16th! Except, for this tiny girl, there will be no celebration, no party, no cake, no presents. More than likely, nothing will differentiate this day from any of the other 3285 days of her life she has spent at this orphanage.

Her life deserves to be celebrated because she is a child of the King. She is fearfully and wonderfully made. She is precious and dearly loved by her Heavenly Father. Can we join together as the body of Christ and pray for this little girl and pray that the Lord will raise up a family to be her very own? What a birthday miracle it would be for a family to step forward and give her the most amazing birthday present - the gift of a family.

There is a grant fund that has been set up by Reece's Rainbow. Maybe the Lord is stirring your heart to donate to this fund. It is tax-deductible, and all of the money goes to pay her ransom!!! I can only imagine what kind of a blessing this will be to the family that chooses to rescue her.

Oh, make our little lives count
for the glory of Your name
and for the fame of Your Father.
Rivet our attention on Your cross,
and fuse our affections to Yourself.
Waken our compassion for all who suffer...

So open our mouths and open our hands
and open our wallets while we have breath,
and make us the most radically loving people
on earth, for the joy of all peoples
and the renown of Your name,
John Piper, Life As A Vapor


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  1. Hi Melanie
    I am Kolina's mom. Thank you so much for advocating for this little girl. Your blog is amazing and who knows how many hearts you stirred through her. But she's mine - I will be meeting her probably in Feb. or March and then hope to have her home by summer. Your friend Stephanie told me about your heart wrenching posts about my girl - and she's right. Beautifully written! Thank you so much, LInda