Friday, December 16, 2011

Sweets for S

The boys have been wanting to have a "bake sale" to raise money for S for a long time. We've all been under the weather for a few weeks and finally were feeling healthy again. So we decided Thursday would be the perfect day - lots of sunshine and lots of traffic by our house in preparation for our neighborhood's luminary tour! It was one BUSY day, but we had so much fun! We baked a ton of cookies and brownies, made signs, set out our table, bought some balloons, and got busy selling sweets! :)

The boys are still working on counting all the money they made for S! It's their math assignment for the week, and, so far, they've added up over $104! Palmer kept saying that "we've struck it rich!" I guess it all depends on your perspective, right? But, wow, yesterday was such a blessing! Every little bit helps and makes a difference, and I have no doubt that the Lord can multiply even the smallest gift for His glory and His purpose! The biggest blessing of the day was listening to Web, Palmer, and Hank tell our neighbors and friends THE REASON they were selling these sweets. They showed everyone S's picture, and it is so special as a momma to watch their excitement in knowing that they are helping to bring their little sister home!

After just a little over an hour, we were completely sold out! I think in this picture the boys are disappointed because they realized that there were not going to be any left overs! Don't feel too bad for them, though. I think they had their fair share! :) This "Cookie-Baker" is going to have to bake more sweets for the next time we have a bake sale!!!

Thank you, Lord, for fun days and for how You are perfectly providing just what we need...

Here's one more picture from one of my favorite Christmas traditions. I love that after a day full of hustle and bustle, it ended with a perfectly peaceful, quiet, and dark night with the only lights in our neighborhood being the candle luminaries that lead the way to the live nativity scene! This is why we celebrate Christmas, boys!!!

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good...
Psalm 34:8


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