Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Pitter-Patter of Little Feet

That's how the day started. Before we saw S this morning, we heard the sound of her little feet running down the hall. She popped her little head into the room and came straight up to me and Will, smiling, holding our hands, and looking up at us with her big brown eyes!!! She quickly turned into a busy little bee, rummaging through my bag and pulling out every single toy until she found the snacks! :) The highlights of this morning's visit were watching her savor every single bite of her animal crackers and hearing her sweet laugh as her daddy tossed her into the air and swung her around!

Each meeting we are learning more and more about S's little personality. We are seeing so many ways that God has been clearly preparing us to be her momma and daddy. This sweet little heart collects as many toys as she can possibly hold and relentlessly pursues even the crumbs of her snacks. This was hard for her momma's heart to see, but I know is not unusual for children who have lived in an orphanage for much of their lives. Even harder to see was S getting upset, but Will and I were glad to see this "spunky" side of her personality! She is strong and determined, and I know that she has had to be that way to survive for the almost 6 years of her life without the safety and love of a family. Even though the orphanage and staff have been very pleasant, I long for her to understand security, love, and provision. I want her to know that there will be plenty of toys and lots more cookies!!! I want her to see her MiMi's junk drawer! :) Even though she couldn't possibly understand this today as she was kicking and screaming (yes, we witnessed a temper tantrum), she did get to experience the strong, safe, and loving arms of her daddy! As he walked her up and down the hall, soothing her and holding her hand, it was a perfect reminder for me of the many, many lessons the Lord has been teaching my heart since we began this adventure!

Little daughter of ours, we will hold on to your hands. We will walk this road together, both the easy times and the hard times. We will do this because our Father is holding on to our hands, and He NEVER lets go no matter how much we kick and scream. He is the One upholding us, and we trust Him to give us all of the wisdom and insight we will need to be your parents! We entrust you to Him just as we are placing our precious little boys into His strong and sure hands.

Tomorrow we get to take S to get her visa picture, and we're looking forward to all that the Lord has in store for us over the next few days. Thank you for your prayers and encouraging words!

For we walk by faith, not by sight.
2 Cor. 5:7

Here's a picture from our day!

XOXO, Melanie and Will


  1. Praise the LORD!!! I am checking your blog all the time!!! Praise the LORD!!! I knew when we fasted and prayed for a family for Sophi that the LORD would bring her perfect Mommy and Daddy...what an honor to pray for you and Sophi!

    LOVE YOU...steph brian sasha ellianna avi and Lina!

  2. What a wonderful answer to prayer. This sweet girl has a Mommy and Daddy to love the Lord and will be able to share Him and His love with her! What a blessing.

  3. She is simply beautiful Melanie! I just love how she is looking in your bag. My son does that all the time and when there is nothing there he likes he will tell me to fill it up again:)

  4. Melanie this is wonderful! She is such a beautiful little girl. I am praying for you guys and I cannot wait to meet her when you get home.

  5. Beautiful little girl! God bless you on this journey!!!