Thursday, April 12, 2012

Birthday Wishes and A New Name

Dear Sophi, 

Mommy and Daddy love you so much!  We've prayed all along that you would be home today to celebrate your 6th birthday, but God has a better homecoming date for your story!  You will be home soon, and we can't wait!

Today, your brothers, the Blackmon Boys, sold cookies to celebrate your birthday and help raise some money! That's right, even your brothers are finding ways to bring you home quickly!  You'll need to remember this one day soon because there will be many days when you may want to send them to a far away place!  It's just part of being family, and you are definitely a Blackmon!

Your brothers know how much you love cookies and were sure that having a cookie sale would make you happy!  Who knows, one day you and the boys may own Sophi's Cookie Company to help bring other children home to their families!  (We set a new family record - almost $400!!!!!  That's a lot of cookies, a lot of sitting on the corner, a lot of people that God sent to help, and a lot of thinking about you!!!!)

We hope today has brought some special moments for you.  We hope you have giggled.  We hope you have danced as your Baba sang to you!  We hope you can sense that something strange and wonderful and even a little dangerous has changed about the world!  You are a part of a family - one that is big and growing and so, so thankful that you are a part of it!  

Sophi, you are our little girl, and we are so thankful to be your Mommy and Daddy!  We praise God for creating you and for holding you in His palm each day of your life!  Since the first moment we saw you, we recognized you as a Blackmon!  We absolutely and simply knew.  We belong together.  Little girl, God has big plans for you!  

Sleep tight sweet girl.  Wishing you dreams that make your little heart sing!  Happy Birthday, pumpkin!


Mommy and Daddy

Today, Sophi turned 6 years old, and we decided it would be a great day to share this little birthday girl's new name...

Sophia Kayte Blackmon

I can't wait until she's officially a Blackmon, but while we are waiting, I wanted to share how we decided on her new name! When we first saw her picture, Will and I both knew that she was supposed to be our little girl. Even before we ever talked about it, we both knew that her name would be Sophi! The neat thing is that Sophia is a name we had never considered during any of our pregnancies for a girl's name, and the same is true for Kayte, her middle name. Over the past 7 years and 5 pregnancies, we've hunted through lots of baby name books looking for just the right name for each of our babies, but this little one's new name has never been on any of our lists! It's as if the Lord had reserved it just for her!
...and you will be called by a new name...
Isaiah 62:2

I know many people who decide to keep their adopted child's original name, but we decided that it seemed fitting to give her a new name, just as the Lord gives us a new name! I love how this is a picture of God's adoption of us! He calls us Chosen, Accepted, Dearly Loved, Beautiful, Forgiven, Redeemed, and so many other precious names. In Revelations, the Lord even tells us that He has a secret and special name picked out for each of His children! I love thinking about that idea, and I love that we have the honor and privilege of giving this little girl a new name and a new fresh start in life! Her heritage and her roots will always be part of her, but the Lord is doing something new, and I can't wait to see how her story unfolds!

Sophi at 3 years old

You cannot amputate your history from your destiny...
My past is something Jesus takes hold of and makes into a destiny.
That's called redemption.
Beth Moore

Sophi is named after two very special women who both have amazing stories of the Lord's faithfulness! I love that our little girl will have a name that serves as a reminder of God's ability to transform even the worst of circumstances into a beautiful story of redemption, grace, and purpose! Sophi is named after both my mom, Sophia, and Will's mom, Kay. Both of them have really neat testimonies, and one day, I would love to tell you more about these two ladies who are affectionately known around our house as MiMi and KK. 

Here's the quick version. My mom was adopted as a little girl from Greece, one of the neighboring countries to Bulgaria. In fact, if you check out she and one of her older sisters are the two little girls in the picture. The picture was taken not long before her parents gave her up to be adopted by distant relatives, hoping she would have a better life. Little did they know that their little girl would grow up to become a godly woman who devotes her life to helping others who have been orphaned, abandoned, and abused. When my mom shares about her past, she often uses the story of Joseph from the Bible. It's a beautiful picture. What the Enemy means for our harm and destruction, the Lord is able to turn into something for our good and for His glory!

One really cool thing about my mom is that right after we told her we were adopting a little girl from Bulgaria, she immediately started praying for her. A few days later, she shared with me specifically how and what she was praying, and she told me that she couldn't remember the little girl's Bulgarian name, and so she called her Sophi! I just smiled! I already knew that's what her name was going to be too!

The name Kayte comes from Will's mom, Kay, which means "she who rejoices." Over and over again, the Lord has given us a promise for Sophi - that she will sing for joy! We saw glimmers of this when we were able to meet her a few weeks ago. The little girl, who according to her medical report, has spent much of her life with a blank expression on her face, rarely smiling, and often crying, had many  moments during our week together full of laughter and giggles. We believe that this little girl of ours who cannot speak will one day sing!

Like my mom, Kay has such an amazing story too. The Lord has done such a work of transformation in her life. A woman who suffered from depression for many years of her life and the devastating loss of her husband in a battle against cancer is now a full of joy, life, and hope. She sings in the church choir and volunteers at the hospital! Her life is one of purpose and redemption!

So, there you have it! The short version of the story behind our little daughter's name. I love how our Father is the most amazing Storyteller and how Sophi's story is already interwoven into the stories of both of our moms!

(Mom and Kay, forgive me for not doing a better job telling your stories! I'd love for everyone to know all the many details that I left out, but tonight I'm so tired that I can barely think straight! We love you both so much and think it's so special that Sophi will be named after each of you! She will be a blessed little girl to have you both in her life! Thank you for being prayer warriors for her and for our family!

By the way, the boys love her name, and they were in full agreement that she should be called Sophi! Now, our next assignment is to come up with names for Sophi's baby brother or sister. We're running out of time! Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to rest in the Lord's perfect timing of bringing Sophi home and also welcoming a new little baby into our family!

O sing to the Lord a new song,
for He has done wonderful things...
Psalm 98:1



  1. Beautiful name for a beautiful girl-Happy Birthday Sophia!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing about Sophi's name! Praying for you and Sophi while you all wait to bring her HOME.

  3. OH MEL,

    SOOOO beautiful!!!! I love it and we here at the Carpenter house are praying fervently for you!

    With much love in Christ - steph brian sasha ellianna avigayil and lina

    Ps. please tell both of your mothers that their testimonies are amazing and full of power from on HIGH!

  4. Happy Birthday Sophia! She is beautiful! Melanie I love your blog and I love your boys! (((HUG)))