Thursday, July 5, 2012


...And all His work is done in faithfulness.
Psalm 33:4

We've had lots of reasons to celebrate lately! On Monday, we received the news we've been waiting on! S is officially our little girl! After court had been postponed for 3 weeks because of a missing document, the judge in Bulgaria finally granted S's adoption! Now, we are waiting on the official written court decree before we will receive our travel dates! We are hoping it will be soon and continuing to trust God's perfect timing! We can't wait to get this little girlie home to join her brothers and her new baby sister!

I love knowing that in God's perfect faithfulness, He planned for these little girls to be sisters! 

We've been celebrating the arrival of our little Evie Sarris for almost a month now too! We still cannot believe that we have a little girl baby! I smile every time I see the pink bow on our mailbox! The boys love their little sister and usually can't keep their hands off of her. Barrett is especially fascinated by her and loves looking at her tiny toes and fingers. He likes to steal her "pappy" and usually wants whoever is holding her to hold him too. Needless to say, my arms and shoulders are getting a great workout!

I cannot even begin to imagine how hard it's going to be to leave Evie and the boys for a whole week when we go get S, but I know that the timing will be just right and that they will be well-taken care of. Mostly, I'm trying to take it one day at a time as I am constantly reminded that each of my children, including S, are safe in their Father's hands.

I'm praying that God will continue to prepare each of our hearts for Sophi's homecoming! Thanks for keeping S and our family in your prayers! We are so grateful!

 Thank you, Father, for the gift of these 2 little sisters! 



  1. Congratulations! You have a beautiful family and I can't wait to see the two sisters together.

    Praying you'll receive travel dates very soon! (We're waiting on the same thing-only for trip 1 not trip 2)

  2. Congratulations on the blessing of a new daughter. It will be so great to see her home in your family!

  3. Hi dearest sister,

    Praising the LORD! I have been waiting for the news you posted! PRAISE HIM who is able to do above and beyond what we can think or imagine!

    LOVE to you in Christ,
    steph brian sasha ellianna avi and lina (p.s. going back to work with LIFELINE!) God is good! Amazing and surprising at times too!!!

  4. This is so beautiful, it did my heart good to see your beautiful girl, and all your handsome sons. To know God planned this from the beginning, very very cool.

  5. Congratulations! Two precious daughters! And 4 handsome boys! (((HUGS))) and prayers