Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Counting Mercies #3-#9

3. A pair of pink crocs, a pink hairbow, and pink Minnie Mouse sunglasses :)

4. God-given direction and insight on S's eating - She had three successful meals today and ate so much better and only got upset a little...I only ended up with a tiny bit of boiled egg and chicken soup in my lap. She's learning how to chew and swallow instead of collecting the food in the top of her mouth! Will & I were even able to eat our meals today in front of her (granted we stood up while we ate, but at least we didn't have to take shifts out in the hallway). The only incident food-related was when S saw a man at the park with coffee and decided she wanted to go "see" him. Fortunately, Will caught her before she got her first taste of Bulgarian coffee! (I hear it's pretty strong here anyway!)

5. Beginning to find ways to communicate with us- S went and picked up her bib tonight before dinner! This was a huge positive! She was able to tell us without words (and without getting upset) that she was hungry!

6. Progress on her orphanage eating habits - S began opening her mouth before each bite, showing us that she had swallowed the food in her mouth! You wouldn't believe how much food she is able to store in her mouth. Since her teeth are in such bad shape, my guess is that it hurts to chew. She uses her tongue and presses the food into the top of her mouth so that she can smush it up enough to swallow it. Today, we opted to only feed her food that had been pureed, and this seemed to make a big difference!

7. Giggles in the bathtub - S LOVED her first bath, and it was evident that she had not spent a lot of time in one before. She was mesmerized by filling a cup up and then dumping it out! I wish you could have seen the grin on her face and the sheer delight of being able to play in the water!

8. A park in walking distance from our hotel - Twice a day we've been going on little adventures to a park a few blocks from our hotel! S does great riding in the stroller and loves the swing and the slide! I can't even begin to tell you how spunky she is...quite the daredevil! I'm going to have to stay in shape to keep up with this little girl! She also loves to pick up leaves and watch them blow in the wind! So sweet to see her find joy in such simple things!

9. Only 30 minutes for this little girlie to fall asleep tonight - S fussed a little at bedtime tonight! It didn't seem like a scared, fearful cry, but rather a cry that said something like, "I'm so mad I have to go to sleep. This is way too much fun, and I want to keep playing!!!" I guess only God knows exactly what's in that little heart (I'm just guessing!) but it does seem more and more like S is relaxing and realizing that we are here to stay! I know we have such a long way to go, but there were so many times today that she would look back and forth at me and Will and begin to smile and giggle, almost as if she couldn't believe this was real! I can't imagine how terrifying it would be to go to bed in a strange place, in something other than the old, rusty metal crib that she had slept in for more than 6 years of her life, and with a man and a woman who spoke a bunch of words that you couldn't understand! How scary this must be for a little girl, and for this, I know, her ability to fall asleep is such a huge, huge mercy! Last night, S slept all night without a peep (I know because I was awake all night)! Praise the Giver of every single mercy, both small and great! :) Even if she wakes up a dozen times tonight, what a sweet mercy that she was able to settle down and feel safe and secure!

***Mercies abound! There's so many, many more I could share, but I'll save them for tomorrow. Remember my sweet little ones and dear friends taking the time to read our story and hold us in your prayers...remember that God's mercies are new every morning!***


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  1. I am LOVING seeing how God had all of this planned out!! PRAISE God that He knows best and knew you were all meant to be together. Praising Him for your bonding time and the little things you are all learning about each other. Sophi is going to blossom so much around your boys too, I'm sure there won't be a verbal barrier with "kids". We continue to pray for all of you and the success of your trusting God to the fullest!