Friday, September 14, 2012

Counting Mercies: #45 - #47

45. Sunny Days - S LOVES being outside, and if you know me at all, you know what a huge blessing this is! The boys and I love being outside, and we have spent MANY hours over the past few weeks hanging out in our backyard! I have thanked the Lord COUNTLESS times for this mercy...

S's favorite things are jumping on the trampoline with the big boys (the wilder and louder they are, the more she laughs), the sandbox, the mulch flower beds, the baby pool (or anywhere else she can find standing water), the slide, and the rope swing. Thankfully, she hasn't discovered the tree house yet! I'm not sure I'm ready for two that can climb up by themselves and not be able to get down unless I go up to get them! :)

She is very independent and likes to "play" by herself. When she is on the trampoline, it is the one time, though, that she will actually seek out someone to jump with her. The boys have been fantastic with her as they hold her hands when she reaches out for them! Barrett cracks me up in the way he relates to her! At random times, he will go give her a giant bear hug/tackle, and other times he will go up to her and for no reason at all, tell her to "moooove." Most often, Barrett and S end up playing side-by-side outside, and I think he has really enjoyed having a playmate closer to his own size! This summer has been quite the adjustment for him with two new sisters. He still walks around with his pappy in his mouth and is quite clingy to his daddy. He's extremely strong-willed as is S! That makes THREE of us! :)

Each day is a gift. As I watch S find such delight in the simplest of things, I am daily reminded to be thankful for the gifts of these little ones and sweet moments like these. Although, there are plenty of moments that are not so sweet, having a thankful heart and the right perspective is always a choice. Keeping a sense of humor is so important, especially when it's only lunchtime and I've already been up for 8 hours and changed 10+ diapers! Just as I sometimes forget to breathe, the Father is reminding me to smile, to laugh, and to be fully present, "right here" as Barrett likes to say as he points his little finger wanting me to sit down right next to him.

I hope you enjoy a little glimpse of what our "right here" has looked like the past few weeks...

46. Happy Baby - This little girlie is such a sweet, easy-going baby! She is content most of the day, inside or outside, as long as she has a warm bottle and a clean diaper! Her big brown eyes light up when she sees her brothers and her new sister, too! 

47. Wild Boys - The picture says it all! My sweet, helpful boys still have their moments, and I still need my referee's whistle! But these 3 boys have really, really done well with all of the changes that have come their way! I am so thankful for them, for their willing spirits, and for their kind hearts toward S! Usually, they are the ones to remind me to laugh!

Thank God, who did it all!
His love never quits!
Psalm 136:26



  1. I love all your praises :) So neat to see how well everyone is adjusting!

  2. I love seeing sweet Sophi being a precious loved child in such a beautiful family. What an answer to prayer!

    Hang in there're doing an amazing job!