Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunshine and Sovereign

Here we are, more than halfway through February, and I'm trying to play catch-up! I've written at least 3 blog posts in my head, but none of them have made it here. So, today, I'm taking a few minutes to share how incredibly thankful I am that everyone in our house is healthy and that the sun is shining after a few weeks of cold and rain.

Notice the hand-holding! This is my newest solution to fighting over Legos! :)
The kids might have a hard time sharing their Legos, but they have no problem sharing their germs. The latter half of January and the first part of February I felt like I was managing the sick ward at a hospital. In fact, a few hours after a wrote my last blog post about perspective, it all started. We passed around the stomach virus and then followed it up with bad coughs and colds. In the midst of all of that, we made 3 trips to the hospital (actually 4 trips if I count the time I visited my dad when he spent a week in the hospital).

When we were in the thick of those sick days, I kept saying to myself "when it rains, it pours." It sure felt that way. But the Lord consistently reminded me that each of these "hard things" were His mercies, mercies in disguise. I'm so glad that just a few weeks before this all hit, He had been preparing me and impressing on my heart how important perspective is. It encouraged me when I was weary, strengthened me when I was fearful, and challenged me when I was feeling sorry for myself.  So, yes, when it rains, it pours. But He is pouring down the blessings, and we gratefully receive what He sends. Even when it's hard. Even when it's not fun. Even when it's scary. No matter what.

Even if...
even if he had broken his neck instead of his collar bone.
even if the doctor walked into the room and said the word I dreaded, cancer.
even if she needed more than just mouth surgery.
even if his kidney failed.
even if we spent months in a hospital room instead of just a few hours.

I was reminded these past few weeks, that it doesn't matter how that sentence ends, our Father is good and sovereign and perfectly faithful, and I can trust Him!

Still, when God saw the trouble they were in and heard their cries for help, He remembered His covenant with them, and, immense with love, took them by the hand. 
He poured out His mercy on them...
Psalm 106:44

For the record, Barrett's collar bone is healing well. He's back to his usual spunkiness, chasing after his three big brothers! Will doesn't have cancer. His test results came back fine, and we were so very relieved. (I can't imagine this crazy adventure with anyone but him!) S had a quick and easy recovery from her mouth surgery. After 7 extractions, 5 crowns, 5 fillings, and a few root canals, for the first time in a very long time, she's not in pain. She's able to chew better and faster, and although we still need to make more progress in this area, she's doing so much better with her eating. My dad's kidney is fine after dealing with an extremely large kidney stone for the past few weeks. He has one more procedure this week, but, hopefully, he will be back on his feet soon. Thankfully, we are all healthy again and this is mercy!

Even though it's been a rough few weeks, we have had some fun moments. I've even been able to enjoy a little time with just my boys. I have treasured every minute of our adventures, and I'm grateful for the gentle nudges from my mom, encouraging me to leave the littles with her so that I could spend time with my little men. I was beginning to feel like the 4 walls of our house were closing in on me, and these sunny days and fun outings were the medicine my soul needed! More mercies...

This little girl's smile does my heart good, too! How can I not be grateful for this littlest blessing???


Speaking of smiles, my six year olds are two peas in a pod. They're silly and snaggletooth, and I think between the two of them, they are missing 11 teeth! It's special to see S beginning to interact more and more with her brothers and sisters. She watches them, laughs when they are being funny, and is starting to imitate the way they play. I've caught her a few times in the backyard running around with a stick in her hand, just like the boys do when they play Star Wars and chase each other with light sabers. It's encouraging and hopeful to see her coming to life. Slowly, slowly, slowly...

She continues to take two steps forward and then another one back (especially when she was sick, we saw her revert back to a lot of old orphanage behaviors and patterns). She still has many sad days and mad moments, but this little girl is learning, and it is amazing to see how the Lord is working in her heart and healing her mind! She is such a blessing to our family, and it is a humbling thing to know that the Lord chose us to be her family!

And, finally, we reached another important milestone this week...

It's hard to believe it's been 6 month since we walked out the doors of that orphanage for the very last time. I'll never forget that day. I'll never forget the look on her face, those big brown eyes taking in a world that she had never seen. It's been a challenging 6 months, probably the hardest of my life, but as I reflect on the road we have travelled, I see His mercies everywhere. I can't wait to see what the next 6 months bring!

All sunshine and sovereign is God,
generous in gifts and glory...
Psalm 84:10



  1. That brought tears to my eyes. Good tears. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Beautiful. It's so great to see Sophi smile and know that she's doing well.