Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Trudge Through The Sludge

As I'm typing this morning, I can hear in the background Matt Maher's newest rendition of the song Your Grace is Enough/Here I am Lord. {Will downloaded it last night, and I'm sure glad he did! It's great!!!} I'm listening to the words and nodding my head in agreement...

So remember Your people. Remember Your children. Remember Your promise, O God. Your grace is enough. Your grace is enough for me. Heaven reaching down on us...

I can also hear in the background 2 boys playing with {or maybe, better said, fighting over} Legos. The other 2 boys are somewhere in the backyard. I'm unsure of their exact location, but I can hear them, and that's always a good sign. S is quietly playing with her toys, but don't be fooled. Even a child who is non-verbal can still create quite a racket. I could prove it if you had been in our playroom this morning and watched us stack and sort blocks by color. She hates this learning activity. Really, she seems to strongly dislike every learning activity. I'm pretty sure right now that she probably strongly dislikes me too, but that's ok too. {His grace is enough}. And, last but not least, my almost one-year old is finally asleep. That sweet, little stinker had quite a morning...

I have no clue how this kid always ends up with his sister's paci!

I read these words in Sarah Young's devotional Jesus Calling this morning and was once again challenged and encouraged by her words. I decided to document with pictures my own "trudge through the sludge".  {All pictures were taken before 9 am!} And let me tell you, it was awful sludgy. But it wasn't all that awful, thanks to the reminder of these priceless words. I read them early {as in 5:15 EARLY this morning thanks to my little blond-headed boy who wakes with the sun}, and I'm so thankful for how my Father perfectly prepared me for this messy morning with just the right perspective!

I am involved in each moment of your life. 

I have carefully mapped out every inch of your journey through this day, even though much of it may feel haphazard.

Because the world is in a fallen condition, things always seem to be unraveling around the edges.

Evie raided the trash can and found the egg shells! She thought it was hilarious.
I was not so happy about it!

Expect to find trouble in this day.

At the same time, trust that My way is perfect, even in the midst of such messy imperfection.

Stay conscious of Me as you go through this day, remembering that I never leave your side.

Let the Holy Spirit guide you step by step, protecting you from unnecessary trials and equipping you to get through whatever must be endured.

There are always dirty feet around here. I really do make them bathe, but it just doesn't seem to make a difference.

As you trudge through the sludge of this fallen world, keep your mind in heavenly places with Me.

Thus the Light of My presence shines on you, giving you Peace and Joy that circumstances cannot touch.

Happy June! I'll be back soon to share more about our yard sale last weekend and some new fundraisers we are planning for this summer. Hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with His peace and joy!


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