Monday, November 18, 2013

Glory to the One who sets the lonely in families

I'm reluctant to write any words tonight. My heart is so full, and I don't even know where to begin. On top of that, I have loved reading my husband's words and don't want anybody to miss what he shared! I've read them over and over again, probably 100 times throughout this day, and every single time, I've both laughed and cried. I'm not sure that I can adequately express how I feel right now - hopeful and homesick, exhausted and excited, like a new momma and yet still very pregnant! So many emotions, so many mercies, so much to be thankful for, so much I want to share, and so, so, so much glory to the One who sets the lonely in families, the One who is the Giver of every good and perfect gift!

I received the most amazing gift today - a new little daughter. She has beautiful black hair, big brown eyes, pearly white teeth (praise the Lord for good nutrition and dental care), a dimple on her chin when she smiles, and the cutest, most contagious little laugh you could imagine! Those giggles were the sweetest sound to this momma's ears. And even though it took almost the entire day for her to finally let her guard down and relax enough to be tickled, loved on, and played with, it was worth it to see that sparkle in her eyes! I'm so thankful that I was able to see glimpses of LIFE in my newest little girl! Oh, how grateful I am that the Lord has protected her and provided her with good care and kind caretakers for these past 5 years. He has been so merciful. Faith Ana appeared healthy, well-nourished, and incredibly receptive to touch, all signs pointing to a much better environment than I had originally imagined. I am so thankful!

I prayed this morning, and it continues to be my prayer tonight, that Faith would know that she is loved and chosen and special and beautiful and perfectly formed by her Heavenly Father who loves her! I've prayed that in her heart of hearts that she would know that there was something different about this day, that she is no longer rejected, never to be abandoned again, and that the arms that squeezed her tightly today are from a Momma who loves her very much and knows that she is a treasure! This Momma has prayed all day and continues to ask for eyes to see the way He sees, and I'm so thankful for how He is answering that prayer!

As I've walked through the streets of this town these past few days and taken in all of the sights, sounds, and smells of a culture very different from our own, I am humbled that the Lord would choose for me to be the momma to a little girl whose only home has been the giant orphanage on top of the mountain overlooking this place. I'm equally humbled when I see pictures of my little ones back home playing at the park with their Daddy and hearing their sweet voices over the phone..."Hey Mom!" What an honor and a privilege {and such a huge responsibility} to be that person to EIGHT precious hearts! It literally brings me to my knees tonight as I pray for the wisdom I need, the patience and grace to give, and the supernatural love from my Father to fill me up so that it can then spill over into their little lives!

This is the verse that I've been thinking about all day - from the beautiful ancient cathedral to the charming outdoor cafes, from the bustling of the city square to the poverty of the Roma village, from the bright colors of the farmers' market to the imposing steps leading up to Faith's orphanage. Every step I've taken along this crazy, curvy road He's leading me down have been sovereignly appointed and determined by Him! No accidents! No mistakes! No surprises! Perfectly planned, and so very, very good as it is drawing us closer and closer to Him!

And He made from one, every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times, and the boundaries of their habitation, that they should seek God...

Acts 17:26-27

It is beyond my ability to fathom or understand how I've ended up here, in this place, on this very night. As I look at the faces of each of my children and see how very different and unique they are and when I ponder the fact that I have 2 little girls who were born and spent their first years of life halfway around the world, it blows me away. Why here? Why these? There are so, so, so many, and yet He has chosen these to be mine. And even though tonight I cannot see the entire picture, I am in awe of the beautiful masterpiece He is creating and the story He is writing! And I praise Him and give Him the glory for all He is doing! 

Thank you for your continued prayers both for us here and for my dear ones back at home!!!


P.S. I might have a special picture for you tomorrow...

... but until then, I hope you have enjoyed seeing the sights from around Faith's beautiful town. The picture above is the view from her orphanage at sunset! 

Will you pray tonight for the staff and caretakers here and will you pray for the beautiful children still waiting to be chosen? There are more than 170 longing to know the love of a family and, more importantly, desperately needing to know the love of Jesus! 

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  1. You are in my thoughts often throughout the day - my prayers, too. Thankful to hear encouragement in your "voice" today! Thankful for answered prayers for Faith! Praise the Lord! Will continue to pray. xoxo