Thursday, June 5, 2014

Faith can...

...change any situation, no matter how dark or difficult.

If a person allows it, he can find something at every turn of the road that will rob him of his victory and his peace of mind. Satan is far from retiring from his work of attempting to deceive and destroy God's children. At each milestone in your life, it is wise to check the temperature of your experience in order to be keenly aware of the surrounding conditions.

If you will do this and firmly exhibit your faith at the precise moment, you can sometimes actually snatch victory from the very jaws of defeat.

Lifting your heart to God in a moment of genuine faith in Him can quickly alter your circumstances.

God is still on His throne, and He can turn defeat into victory in a split second.  If we will only trust Him.

God is mighty! He is able to deliver;

Faith can victor be in every trying hour;

Fear and care and sin and sorrow be defeated

By our faith in God's almighty, conquering power.

Have faith in God, the sun will shine,

Though dark the clouds may be today;

His heart has planned your path and mine,

Have faith in God, have faith always.

~ L.B. Cowman

Just a little update from the skies above Europe...

Faith Ana woke up happy and excited this morning. She did great the whole time we were at the airport, checking our bags and going through security. Even when it got a little tense and I had to rummage through all of my official documents to find the one that stated why her father {Will} was not with us and that he approved of her being taken out of the country, she remained cool as a cucumber!  :)

She's been happy and content on the airplane so far; although I can tell that she's starting to get a little fidgety! Me too! 

She seems to actually enjoy it much, much more than I do. In fact, her favorite part of the day so far has been the turbulence! I guess those bumpy Bulgaria sidewalks were just the preparation she needed for today, the ride of her life!

Hopefully, I can post this in our layover in Amsterdam! Keep the prayers coming, friends!


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  1. I have loved going on this journey with you, Melanie! Every post was precious. Thank you so much for taking the time to share so much of your experiences and your heart. Faith Ana is so beautiful, and do you know what? I do believe she looks a bit like you! I can't wait to see her home and with her whole family where she belongs. Praying for you!