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S's Adoption Journey

Click HERE to read about the beginning of S's adoption journey.

You can read more about the first time we met S in her orphanage by beginning HERE.

Here are a few more posts from our first trip to Bulgaria: The Pitter-Patter of Little Feet, A Day For Dancing, and See You Soon, Pumpkin.

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These posts share about our time in Bulgaria with S on our pick-up trip: Counting Mercies: #1- #2, Counting Mercies #3- #9, Counting Mercies #10- #12, Counting Mercies #13- #17, and Counting Mercies #18- #33.

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And, finally, in this very raw and truthful post, I share my thoughts about our dissolution.

Faith Ana's Adoption Journey

Click HERE to read about the beginning of Faith Ana's adoption journey.

You can read about our first trip to meet Faith Ana in these posts: Glory to the One who sets the lonely in families, Coming to Life, and But Thanks be to God.

Click HERE to read about Faith Ana's Gotcha Day.

You can read about my time in Bulgaria during our pick up trip starting with this post (as well as the next nine posts).

You can read about Faith Ana's Homecoming in this post.

This post is a copy of Faith Ana's obituary, which was beautifully written by my dad. {She went home to be with Jesus three years to the very day of her homecoming here with our family.}

I have said this before, and I will continue to speak this truth. Adoption has been one of the single greatest mercies of my life. I knew when we were just beginning our journey with S that it was going to be a journey of mercy. I wrote about it here after an incredible experience our first night in S's city on her pick-up trip. Now, I look back, and I see more than ever before how wide and far-reaching God's mercy truly is. I only had the tiniest inkling then as we stood in the shadow of that concrete cross. If I was back in that very same place right now, I would be on my knees...

The word for mercy in Greek is eleos. The first letter, epsilon, in Ancient Greek has two little dashes over the top of it. One is called a stress mark, and the other is a resting mark. This seems so perfectly fitting to me as I've witnessed, firsthand, God's mercy in both the stressful seasons as well as the peaceful ones.

We are in a resting spot now, and this is mercy. A sweet mercy. I don't know for sure what the Lord has for our family in the coming days. I pray that we will always have hearts willing to be front lines for Him and to be ready for whatever He may set before us. We trust Him to continue to reveal His paths for us. I know these paths will be full of mercy and truth. 

By continuing to write about our journey of adoption and dissolution, my prayer is that you will see the beautiful thread of mercy that can be found in even the most difficult of situations. I hope that you will be blessed and encouraged as you witness the outpouring of God's goodness and grace to our family and to so many others that have been a part of this journey. I'm so thankful for the incredible privilege of sharing this story.


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